Your members can write offline mail together to form a connection.

Using our mailing system allows your members to secure their personal details and use your dating site to connect.

Chat together while members are online.

Chatting live can avoid lengthy delays between messages.

Instant messaging can be fun and effective.

Keep track of member numbers. Collect important member data to assist you with the growth of your business.

We collect all member details that could assist you with database.

Ensure that your dating site remains a good dating site by removing troublesome members.

Protect the integrity of your website by enforcing good social practices.

Advertising on your dating site could provide you with extra revenue opportunities.

We can add any advertising system you like.

Video Chat

Search Tools

Member Monitoring


Our simple searching tools enables members to search for someone local or someone overseas.

A successful search displays a gallery of single people ready for interaction.

What is the best alternative to meeting in person?

Chatting face to face on camera is the next best thing!

Video chat is the way of the future.

Profile Builder


Our dating site informs your members who has viewed their profile and who is interested in them.

The diary/events keeps track of website events and displays it for your members.

Admin Area

Have you got a great dating site idea but don't know how to get started?


Start a dating site that is mobile phone friendly for a monthly fee of $150 u.s.
Avoid expensive development of apps for android and Iphone smartphones. This solution is perfect if you do not have any web development or web design skills. We do everything for you.


Are you ready to start a dating site?

Check out what features you get.

The Easy Way

Start a dating site

Diary/Events Area

Supply a simple or thorough profile for your members to fill out. 

Members can upload a profile picture and a gallery of photos

plus fill out an informative profile.

Instant Messaging